The Cannon Fodder Turns His Sister Into A Soaring Phoenix
Chapter 326: Heroine, Seize The Future!

*Chirp~~ Chirp~~*

Xiao Yunluo lay on the bed with her eyes closed, faking her sleep. After listening to the complete conversation between her mother and Ye Anping, although many parts confused her a little, waves of joy arose in her heart.

---Her mother actually gave the Yin-Yang Pendant to Ye Anping a long time ago.

The Yin-Yang Pendant was not some powerful magic weapon, but a very simple ornament made of rare jade. Si Xuanji gave it to her when she was one month old.

At that time, she was still too young and had no concept of the matter. Only after she had grown up a bit did she learn about it from Mr. Qi: *"Young Miss Xiao, this Yin-Yang Pendant was prepared by the Matriarch for your future cultivation partner. The one you have is the Yin Pendant, and only those who will obtain the Yang Pendant are qualified to be with you. As for the Yang Pendant, it is in the Matriarch's hands, and only the man who can obtain her favor will be able to get it, do you understand?"*

In other words, her mother allowed Ye Anping to become her cultivation partner.

Just knowing this made Xiao Yunluo satisfied. She used to worry that Ye Anping wouldn't be able to pass her mother's test, but now...

Xiao Yunluo thought for a while, then slightly opened her eyes again and glanced at Ye Anping beside the bed.

Since mother had already agreed...

She deliberated for a while before feigning a cough. "Ahem---"

Ye Anping, who was just thinking about whether *"should I feed Xiao Yunluo poisonous insects and pile up her poison resistance first"*, heard the sound and immediately stopped his thoughts. He then stood up from the bench and walked to the bed. "Sister Xiao?"

Xiao Yunluo had her eyes slightly opened and looked weakly at Ye Anping. She was silent for a while, pretending to have just woken up, then pursed her lips and asked, "How long have I been sleeping?"

*Your mom has just left and you woke up...*

Ye Anping murmured in his heart and did not believe that it was a coincidence. And if it was not a coincidence, this girl should have probably overheard everything he and Si Xuanji said just now.

However, this was only his guess.

Xiao Yunluo was indeed used by him this time, so he decided to make amends.

Ye Anping hurriedly walked to the round table in the room and poured out a cup of tea, warming it slightly with firestone before sitting down on the edge of the bed and supporting Xiao Yunluo's back to help her sit up. "Drink some water. Do you have any discomfort?"

Xiao Yunluo took the teacup, her lavender eyes glimmering as she looked at Ye Anping. "Well... I just feel a little dizzy and a bit... cold..."

"Cold?" Ye Anping froze for a moment. "Then, shall I get you another quilt?"


Xiao Yunluo was silent, then blushed and said, "No need, it's so late, the waiters at the inn are all asleep. Let's not bother people."

Ye Anping looked at Xiao Yunluo's face, and with a helpless smile, he shook his head. He simply pulled back the quilt, sat on the edge of the bed, and began to take off his boots.

Seeing his move, Xiao Yunluo was taken by surprise. She was still thinking about how she could tactfully trick Ye Anping into coming to bed and hugging her, and she didn't expect Ye Anping to be so proactive.

"Ye...Ye Anping, what are you doing?"

"Huh?" Ye Anping took off his shoes, turned around, and said doubtfully, "Aren't you cold, Sister Xiao? The waiter in the inn is asleep, so I have to use my body to keep you warm, right?"

"No... I didn't mean that, I..."

The moonlight outside the window shone on Xiao Yunluo's face which resembled a red apple. She subconsciously said this with trembling lips, but immediately reacted and wanted to slap herself.


"Forget it... Then, come up, but I have to warn you... You are not allowed to touch me. Think about your sister; you don't want Sister Pei to know... Why don't you come here, under my quilt?"

"Sister Xiao, you're sleeping in my bed."


Ye Anping shook his head and raised his feet on the bed, while Xiao Yunluo quickly turned around and moved to the side to make room for him. However, this was a single-person room. Although she moved her body, after Ye Anping lay down, she still leaned against his shoulder.

Ye Anping pulled the quilt over him and raised his left hand slightly. "Come in."

"Come in... where?"

"Weren't you cold? In my arms..."

Xiao Yunluo's lips quivered, and looking at Ye Anping's face so close and his raised hand, she felt a gravitational force pushing her back as she slowly wriggled toward Ye Anping's arms like a maggot.

She gently rested her forehead on Ye Anping's collarbone and sniffed his scent.

"I... it's just that I'm cold. Don't think too much."

With these words, Xiao Yunluo simply pressed into Ye Anping's arms with all her strength, wishing she could stick her face into his arms.

A bit helpless, Ye Anping said, "Okay, let's rest. I've been guarding you all day, and now I'm sleepy."

"Ah... is that all..."


"No... nothing."

Xiao Yunluo scolded herself for her greedy thoughts. She obviously wanted to go further, but even so, she had already taken a big step toward her future.

The quiet heartbeat came from the chest next to her forehead and, as if by assimilation, her heartbeat gradually matched his.



"Good night."


Ye Anping nodded slightly, and then closed his eyes, emptying his mind as much as possible and preparing to rest. But the next moment, a faint floral fragrance from Xiao Yunluo's thick purple hair, permeated his nostrils.

Almost instantly, he felt the presence of the little monkey, just like that time when he took a bath in the spiritual spring in the back mountain of the ***Dragon House***.

*"Get bigger!! Bigger!~~ Bigger!!"*

Ye Anping hastily tensed his buttocks, while at the same time recited the words 'Feng Yu Die' in his mind as if it was a sutra.

*Feng Yu Die Feng Yu Die Feng Yu Die Feng Yu Die*

But maybe the *"Feng Yu Die"* antidote was no longer as effective as before, or maybe the little monkey had become stronger as he grew older.

This move was not as effective as before.

And it didn't help that the bed was so small...

The next moment, Xiao Yunluo suddenly bristled.

"Ye Anping..."

Ye Anping felt embarrassed, and it took him a while to squeeze out one word. "Sorry..."

Although Xiao Yunluo had a scare just now, she was a little happy in her heart. She originally thought that Ye Anping had no thoughts about her, but now it seemed... he was just trying to hold on, right?

She somewhat wanted to tease Ye Anping but felt bad about him.

The future was right in front of her.

But she couldn't be so direct. If she was too direct, she would cause trouble for Ye Anping. After all, Lianxue was still here...

After a while, Xiao Yunluo pretended to be worried and raised her head. "Ye Anping, could it be that there's something wrong with your yang energy?"


This was just a normal man's nature...

Ye Anping hesitated to speak, weighing his words. The next moment, Xiao Yunluo quickly said, "Well... just think of it as a thank-you gift after you have been by my side today."


A strange coldness came from the quilt, and Ye Anping's eyes widened slightly. "Sister Xiao?!"

Xiao Yunluo raised her head with a blushing face. "It's okay... your yang energy problem is quite urgent. Just relax and it will be fine, but it's only this time. And don't tell Lianxue. Next time, you can ask Lianxue to help you with it..."

Ye Anping hesitated for a while before finally nodding. "Thanks..."

"How can you say thanks..."

"Then, what should I say?"

"Don't say anything."


Xiao Yunluo buried her face in Ye Anping's chest, smiled shyly, and reached out to grab the future...

Chapter 326: Heroine, Seize The Future!
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