Death... and me
Chapter 2668: Might Be Worth It

"It can't be!" Bunbun was shocked by what he was seeing. "That's the same Purple Crystal we saw in the tower all those years ago! How can it be here?!"

Roan shook his head, though. "It is not the same one. This Crystal was created over time through Lolio's efforts. This is what you get when you condense Chaos Laws and Chaos Energy together. Besides, pay attention to its size. This Purple Crystal doesn't have even a tenth of the size of the Crystal you all saw in the tower back then."

"This..." Bunbun looked closer and had to admit Roan was right. "Indeed, it is a lot smaller, although it is extremely similar. But how did Lolio make it? He barely had a few months between the moment we found the tower and the moment the calamity struck us."

Roan then took the Purple Crystal. "Back then, Lolio mentioned before his death that he had prepared something to prevent that Calamity. This crystal is the answer. He worked alone on this project, trying to condense the Chaos Laws and Energy into a single item. As long as he got enough, he would present it to Kafan."

"I see..." Rean understood. "With enough of it concentrated, Kafan might be able to use the Crystal without the need to open the Spatial Distortion. Both Kafan and Laweia would be satisfied with the outcome since the two of them got what they wanted."

"Exactly," Roan said as he looked at the crystal. "Yet, Lolio truly underestimated how long it would take for something like this to be created. By the time Kafan opened the Spatial Distortion and brought the tower out, Lolio barely managed to create an almost microscopic piece of the Purple Crystal. In the end, the amount of Chaos Laws and the Energy in this world was too low."

"No wonder the Chaos Laws inside this place aren't affecting us. They were changed by Lolio... but how?" Rean wondered.

Bunbun looked at the Purple Crystal in Roan's hand. Somehow, he felt a small connection with it, as if there was something familiar inside. "Could it be..."

Roan glanced at him. "Seems like you understood. That's right, Lolio used his Loporrit Bloodline and the formations to make this crystal. Well, truth be told, this Crystal was supposed to be twice as big. Too bad the formations didn't resist the test of time, so the crystal ended with this size."

Rean shook his head. "The fact the formation lasted long enough to allow this crystal to grow this big is a testament to how impressive it was. We are talking about Chaos Laws and Energy here. I told you, the runes in this place, even though they are broken and very few remain, show how high their quality was."

Kentucky then asked. "So he managed to concentrate enough Chaos Laws and Energy to create this Purple Crystal, right? Did he know this would be the end result?"

Roan confirmed. "He considered the possibility. Even though the Purple Crystal was extremely small after several months, Lolio was able to feel the familiar energy coming from it and the tower. He knew that this Crystal was definitely connected to whatever was in the tower. When he saw the Purple Crystal at the top of the tower after Kafan's actions, he was even more sure about it."

"Alright, that's good and all," Celis was already growing impatient. "So, how exactly do we use it? Can we simply absorb it to help us comprehend our own laws?"

"It is one of its uses," Roan raised the crystal while talking. "The other use is to immediately advance to the highest level of Chaos Cultivation. We would only be behind the Loporrits, who have a constitution related to it. That would put us at the same level as the Semi-Celestials in this world. After all, Chaos Laws's power is above the cultivation power, as you saw Lotiri demonstrating back in the Loporrits' Burrow."

"The Chaos Laws and Energy inside this thing are extremely gentle... even in all the chaoticness of its existence, all because of Lolio's bloodline. We can absorb everything and have our own Chaos Cultivation reach a level we can fight against anyone in equal terms," Roan concluded.

"Of course," Roan then added another information. "This is only while we are here in this World, where Chaos Laws and Energy exist. Once we are out, Chaos Cultivation becomes useless since there will be no more Chaos Laws and Energy to use. Even if we bring items with Chaos Laws inside, it would be too far from enough to be practical in a real battle outside."

Celis didn't even need to think. "In that case, let's immediately absorb it and comprehend our own laws. That's all we need, right?" He didn't mention 'quest' since Bunbun was there. Nonetheless, the twins and Kentucky understood it.

Unfortunately for him, Roan discarded the idea. "If we use this Purple Crystal, we can easily comprehend the first Sublaws we need. But... isn't there a much, much bigger Purple Crystal in a certain place?"

Everyone remembered the enormous Purple Crystal at the top of the tower.

"You are crazy!" Celis instantly complained. "We would be dealing with the Semi-Celesitals there, you know? Do you want to antagonize them?"

Roan faintly smiled. "I know what you are thinking. Lavi, that blue-furred Loporrit, mentioned that a few of them seemed to have information prior to coming to this place, so there is a chance they know about the existence of the Purple Crystal. Taking it away while they are there is the same as asking to be hunted down once we leave this place. It wouldn't be funny to have several Semi-Celestials on our back, and the agreement they have would definitely be useless in the face of that Purple Crystal, which could potentially help them enter the Celestial Realm."

"However," Roan continued. "It might be worth the risk. The reason is simple: That enormous Purple Crystal might be enough for us to comprehend all our sublaws at once!"

Chapter 2668: Might Be Worth It
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