Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough
Chapter 1275: Hidden Strength?

Learning about the recent adventures of his youngest disciple, Xuan Hao could not help smiling wryly to himself as he put away his communication talisman.

Although he knew that she had been rather active inside the Sea of a Thousand Furnaces to gather materials for the different artifacts she had been presenting to him and showing off in the sect, he had never thought that she would be specifically targeting the elders of the sect in charge of guarding the spiritual metal of the Blacksmithing Hall.

Even though she hadn't really caused any real damage so to speak and only ended up making Elder Song work a bit longer than normal to deal with the elders coming to him for compensation, it wasn't that good for his reputation inside the sect to have this little menace running around stealing other people's things without any proper punishment.

Not to mention, Elder Song was already overworked, so anything that could lessen his burden a bit and allow him to focus more of his time on cultivating was a good thing. Although Xuan Hao doubted that he would spend this extra time to cultivate. Instead, he felt it was more likely that he would be using the time on some kind of new project related to the strengthening of the sect.

Hm… Now that I think about it, it should be time for recruiting new disciples soon, I wonder if there will be anyone among them with a high talent. Outside of that, there should be quite a few talented ones entering the sect due to the interspatial rings I scattered all over the place, though they aren't enough to be taken in as personal disciples, they should at least be able to help improve the level of the new disciples.

Thinking this to himself, Xuan Hao could not help looking forward to the next disciple selection of the sect. Not just due to the possibility of a new personal disciple, but also due to the fact that the overall strength of the disciples should be increasing by another level.

After all, so far, outside a few exceptions like Lu Wen and a few other disciples. Most of the sect's disciples were far below his own disciples in terms of strength.

Even if they also grew a lot after the Star Shattering Sect was established, they were still far below the disciples and younger generation of the larger powers on the continent.

Just take Chu Li that he had encountered during his time in the Blue Sea Empire as an example, he should be part of the younger generation of the Blue Sea Empire but had already reached the Peak of the Soul Ascension Realm!

Compared to him, even his own disciples seemed a bit lacking at the moment as the strongest among them were still in the Domain Lord Realm.

"Indeed… I can't underestimate the strength of these major powers… Who knows how many talented youths like Chu Li exist in a large empire like the Blue Sea Empire? Although he should be older than Chu Yang and the rest by at least a hundred or so years, it's still an amazing cultivation speed." Muttering this to himself as he remembered Chu Li from the East Sea Army of the Blue Sea Empire, Xuan Hao could not help shaking his head as he thought about the different major powers on the continent.

Only now realizing that the strength of these major powers was still a complete mystery to him.

He might have learnt that these major powers were supported by several ancestors in the Celestial Immortal Realm. Allowing them to control the central part of the continent where the spiritual qi and cultivation resources were the most abundant.

But was that truly the case? Did they really have no idea about the Dao Seed Realm and the Profound Immortal Realm beyond that? Could they have hidden the existence of even more powerful ancestors in the Profound Immortal Realm?

As he felt his mind drifting while pondering over the true extent of power hidden inside the different major powers, Xuan Hao could not help feeling a shiver run down his spine.

Considering how long some of the different major powers had been around, it wouldn't be odd for them to have had people who managed to reach the Profound Immortal Realm.

On the other hand, it would be strange that none of them had ever tried to go beyond the Celestial Immortal Realm in their long history. Especially considering that they should have found knowledge about the realms above through the countless ancient ruins, mystic realms and secret realms from the ancient era that was scattered across the continent.

Not to mention, there were also the different religious empires that should have knowledge about the past, who might have traded information with the different major powers on the continent throughout their long history.

All things considered; Xuan Hao found it difficult to believe that the strongest existence behind these major powers was someone in the Celestial Immortal Realm like they claimed to the rest of the world.

In a sense, similar to the Star Shattering Sect that outwardly had only claimed to have someone in the Soul Ascension Realm, but in actual fact actually had someone in the Dao Seed Realm guarding the sect.

Then again, there was a major difference between someone in the Dao Seed Realm and the Profound Immortal Realm.

For the different major powers to have someone in the Profound Immortal Realm, they should also have had a brilliant genius in the Dao Seed Realm that far surpassed anyone else during his time.

Hm… A genius far beyond his peers in terms of strength while in the Dao Seed Realm, I should properly start investigating the different major powers looking for information about someone like that throughout the history of these major powers.

Narrowing both his eyes as he thought about this, Xuan Hao took out his communication talisman and contacted Elder Dust Fairy.

Although her information network wasn't that extensive outside the boundaries of the Star Shattering Sect, he didn't really need the information in the short term as the Star Shattering Sect was still far from confronting any of the major powers on the continent and was still in the process of secretly growing stronger while avoiding detection from the nearby Blue Sea Empire.

At the same time, he also thought that this would be a good task to encourage Elder Dust Fairy to work hard on expanding her information network into the nearby blue Sea Empire in the future.

Even though it would be a difficult task to accomplish considering the different safety measures of the Blue Sea Empire that directly dealt with unknown people entering their territory, Xuan Hao felt confident that she would be able to find some way around the problem. Especially considering how she had managed to expand and establish the information network inside the Onyx Empire during the turmoil caused by the demonic cultivators.

Maybe, she would be able to make use of similar methods in the future if the demonic cultivators began attacking the Blue Sea Empire, but… Demonic cultivators attacking the Blue Sea Empire head on would also mean a complete shift in the battle between the demonic cultivators and normal cultivators. Possibly involving existences above the Dao Seed Realm!

"Hm? Now that I think about it, it should be about time for the Blue Sea Empire to send out people to deal with the surge in demonic cultivators. Although too late to save the Onyx Empire, they should drive the demonic cultivators back to the Frozen Wastelands…

Maybe this is a chance for the Star Shattering Sect to expand into the chaotic Onyx Empire? Given the recent breakthroughs of the elders, we should have enough people to expand a bit." Saying this as he once again turned his attention towards his communication talisman, Xuan Hao silently apologized to Elder Song in his head before contacting the old man.

Having just believed that he had escaped from a large amount of work by setting his naughty little disciple in order, he was about to get a lot more work…

Of course, the old man could always delegate some of this work to his subordinates, but doing so would "lower the quality of the work" in his own words.

Although the new management elders had helped lower Elder Song's workload by quite a bit, they still hadn't reached a level that made Elder Song confident in having them take on some of the more important tasks of the sect that involved expansion and resources management.

Well… Almost everyone, there was one who excelled among the management elders helping Elder Song, a young man from the Half spirit Race who seemed to have been specially nurtured by Elder Song.

Regarding that young man, he should be the one whom Elder Song wanted to promote as a possible successor in the future, though it was doubtful whether Elder Song would ever retire…

Chapter 1275: Hidden Strength?
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